Power – Poets

might of meaningless words snowflakes spiralling down melting when they hit the ground a bottomless pit of bumptious brittle bullshit a satisfaction of seedless cravings of confounded caricature about the wilted world wounded words wrap tightly no glimmer of a gap from which to escape sorry the poet is too late can’t write no more his thoughts shattered sand on seashore your eyes and ears no longer battered by the blathering bore of the parched palsied poet.

Making Love

lava of love lyrics
leave lustre lips
caressing carelessly her
corporeal core
silent storms of silky seeds
shred her sheltered soul
tormented torrents tear
telltale tears trace
a trail towards her throat
a tempest of lust was released.

a glass of wine just a bit just a sip to sweeten her lip a glass all mine a bottle or was it two cause she is feelin’ blue bottles standing empty in a queue liquid sweet as honeydew wine no not anymore vodka scotch whatever if it’s there taste – she does not care her eye an empty stare a white ribbon tied to a sycamore above a simple stone beloved wife, mother … you left us all you drunken whore