The life and times of Vali and Vitia

We were born on 28th of July in the year 2003. There were five of us in total.

This is our mum, Dusky, and our three siblings. I must admit that neither I nor Vitia can remember much of this time. All I remember is warmth, lot of other warm bodies and milk. I also, though, remember wanting to explore the world around me…

One day a woman (MZ) came to look at us – she was told she could choose one of us and another one of us would be given to her: I liked her – felt she had the right personality to be manipulated and controlled by superior beings like us, cats. So I made a lot of fuss of her, played with her, licked her. Of course she fell for it and chose me! She had to choose a name starting with a “V” both for me and my sister. She chose Valar (from Valour) for me – Vali for short. Vitia (for life) shortened to Viti for my sister. (Later one of her (MZ’s) friends said that I should have been called Vandal and Vitia – Vanity! Growl!).

Hi I am Vitia. Can’t have Vali writing everything, although he does like talking more, I like stalking more! This picture here is of me on my very first day at the new home. Gosh did I miss my other sisters and brothers. I wanted to hide under the bed but was not allowed to, but otherwise I was left to explore. Soon I settled in, although it did take me a while to really trust MZ.
I am a bit bigger now…

We do have quite a few adventures and get into some trouble, follow the links below to those stories but here are a few more photos for you – so you can admire our beauty and perfection…Vali