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The revenge

Revenge is sweet, there is no denying that. So often I come home, tired after a long day at work only to find that my disabled-bay is taken by a car whose owner could run the marathon. Also often there are just no other spaces near by, after all this IS London and space (whether parking, living or working) is at a premium. This time I couldn’t take anymore and phoned the council (thinking that nothing would be done). Imagine my surprise when half an hour later the offending car was dangling in

Queens Park London – London escorts

There is an abundance of squirrels in our local park, of course it is not the indigenous red squirrel, but these grey critters are cute too. They, or most of them, are tame too; they will come and take a nut (or two) from your hand. If you throw some nuts around them a fight, a war, erupts between the wee squirrels and the large population of black crows. As in most wars the battle is uneven, and in this case the squirrels retreat and the crows feast.